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Facial Rejuvenation Atlanta

As a matter of natural aging, the cheeks, chin, jaw, forehead, and the soft tissue under eye and around mouth decrease in size. The fat, and connective tissues get wasted, leaving behind unsupported skin. Consequently, the wrinkles and folds are formed. As the skin under eyes becomes thinner, looses its underlying fat, and cheek fat becomes smaller, bags under the eyes become more prominent. As the jaw line and chin loose their prominence, jowls appear. The blood vessels are no longer hidden by fullness and become more visible. These changes create a frowning or scowling appearance in many older people.

The eyebrow descends with loss of fullness and forehead assumes a concave shape. As fullness disappears from the upper eyelid and brow, their eyes may become more deep set. As the soft tissue around mouth loses its fullness, the unsupported skin forms folds, wrinkles, and creases. As these folds become more pronounced, unintentional emotional expressions can become permanently apparent on the face.


The earlier method of face rejuvenation required extensive surgeries with prolonged recovery time. The use of skin fillers is temporary and only treats the partial volume loss without any rejuvenating effect of skin and its underlying tissues. Human fat tissue has recently proved to be an excellent source of adult stem cells. The “stem cell face lift” uses the amazing genetic potential of adult stem cells to rejuvenate face.These include restoring youthful contour and shape of the face, skin tightness, and evening out skin color irregularities. Stem cells secrete growth factors that induce the skin and underlying fatty layers to regenerate and multiply more cells.

The procedure is office based taking a few hours during which the fat cells are carefully harvested by gentle liposuction under local anesthesia (Tumescent technique) and minor negative pressure. The harvested fat then washed and processed in order to concentrate the adult stem cell before injection. Autologus (your own) fat would not cause an allergic reaction. Different microcannulas are used to inject the processed fat cell into cheeks, eyelids, around eyes, nasolabial folds, marionette lines, other face area with volume loss, neck and lips. For more rejuvenating effect we use PRP (please see Anti-Aging modalities section) to provide the fat with growth factors. The cannulas used to harvest and inject fat are less than 1/8th of inch and do not cause scarring. Recovery time is about a week when your face looks puffy and there might be bruises under your eyes. Light powder and makeup is easily applied, and the results are extremely natural.




As a person ages, the lips lose their fullness. The goal of lip augmentation is to create attractive, pouty lips. By using fat transfer Dr. Taerri is able to increase the surface area of the lip. The changes that occur with the aging of the lower lip are dramatic. Along with the decrease in volume of the lower lip, wrinkling of the upper lip is almost always much worse. Restoring lip fullness through fat grafting will result in a return of a more youthful appearance. We follow a special technique that acknowledges that the lip has definite contours that must be respected and enhanced in order to produce aesthetically appealing changes in shape and volume. Our result is very natural looking and not noticed.



A full, tight neck is one of the signs of youth and beauty. An angle of 90 degree between neck and chin is ideal. As we age subdermal fullness disappears and the skin texture gradually worsens, leaving behind loose skin. When fat is added to the neck, it provides support to the skin to reshape a more youthful and healthy appearance. It can also disguise prominent neck cartilages. We also use SKINTYTE laser, a painless, safe Infra-Red based device, to tighten the skin (five sessions needed). The bony chest especially after breast augmentation also can benefit from fat transfer, which will produce a smooth and youthful appearance.