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Looking younger


Preparing for your peel

  • Take all medications as prescribed before the treatment.
  • Wash your face thoroughly on the morning of the procedure and do not apply any moisturizers or other cosmetics.
  • Do not wear makeup to the clinic and be sure your eyelashes are free of cosmetics.
  • Wash your hair the night before, or on the morning of surgery.
  • You may eat a light breakfast or lunch on the day of surgery. Do not have alcohol
  • Contact lenses and jewelry must be removed before procedures.
  • Wear loose clothes that do not have to be pulled over your head.
  • You may apply a topical anesthetic gel to the area to be treated 1 hour prior to your visit
  • Obtain Aqueous Cream from your local pharmacy for use at home after the peel.

During this procedure, acidic agents that remove the damaged skin’s outer layer are applied. Medical peels can have higher concentration of medications as compared to peels offered at regular spas. Thin scabs form over the treated areas within 2-3 days and fall off a few days later revealing smother, younger-looking skin.

Mild acne scarring, fine lines, some types of irregular pigmentation, and other minor skin blemishes will be minimized and the new skin will be smooth and fresh looking. Three types of chemical peel are available: a light peel, which is used to lighten superficial age spots and fine wrinkles; a medium peel, for more advanced sun-damaged skin and age lines; and a deep peel, which helps correct more severe conditions. Your doctor will determine which technique will be more effective for you.

healthy Skin

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