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Advanced Anti-Aging & Aesthetic

Dr.Taerri named the top Physician for liposuction & fat transfer in Atlanta in 2015.

Dr. Taerri is one of the very few fully board certified physicians by The American Academy of Anti-Aging And Regenerative Medicine in the state of Georgia.   Advanced Anti-Aging and Aestethic Medicine has been at the forefront of the Cosmetic and Anti-Aging industry in Atlanta. We specialize in Vein Therapy, Lipo-Sculpting and Fat Transfer like Brazilian Butt Augmentation totally under local anesthesia( over 2000 cases done).

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Dr. Taerri is one of the very few fully board certified physicians by The American Academy of Anti-Aging And Regenerative Medicine in the state of Georgia.
Dr. Taerri completed his undergraduate degree in Human Physiology at McGill University, Montreal, Canada. He completed an Internship in Internal Medicine at Georgetown University, Washington, DC. After earning his Doctor of Medicine (M.D.) in 1999 from G.U.


Liposuction Specials

Liposuction $1000 first area
Botox $150/area/or $8/unit
Brazilian butt augmentation starting at $3000
Vein sclerotherapy $300 per hour.
Entire facial fat transfer $4500
Painless laser hair removal $100 per area
( i.e. underarm is one area)
Skin tightening $200 per area (five session needed)
Photofacial $150 per session (three needed)
Stretch marks $200 per session (five needed)
under arms hyperhirosis Botox treatment $700.
Laser acne therapy $150 per session (six needed)
We use all 2010 models of laser and other machines.

Most Popular Savings:

Inner Thigh: $ 999
Outer Thigh: $ 999
Inner Knee: $ 999
Hips: $ 999
Chin: $1500
Triceps Area: $1500
Love Handles: $1500
Bra Line: $1500

Call: 404-437-7800
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Advanced Anti-Aging and Aesthetic Medicine is dedicated to improving patient’s lives through preventative care and health optimization. Our philosophy is to first utilize natural treatment methods and nutrition to allow the body to heal itself, then to add medication as needed.  Our goal is to not blindly mask symptoms, but to try and address the core cause, so the problem does not reoccur and other issues do not develop. This means we not only examine and treat existing problems, but work to prevent new ones.

Botox Therapy

Body Sculpting

Brazilian Butt Augmentation


At any age, many of us wish to look and feel as good as possible while maintaining a natural appearance. To this end, people have sought the benefits of BOTOX® Cosmetic Injections.

The body-sculpting that Dr. Taerri specializes in combines and incorporates the best and safest aspects of North American, and European medical and surgical approaches to body-sculpting.

What are the advantages of Brazilian
butt augmentation versus buttock implants?
Most patients prefer using their own fat to add volume and shape to their buttocks.

Dr.Matteo Taerri